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Who we are.


Kate keeps everything running smoothly. A dedicated mom of two, she is smart and business savvy.

Favorite Sandwich: Sliced chicken and Havarti and sour dough with banana peppers, pickles and House.


LaTasha is the queen of Truth! She is a fiercely dedicated mother and shows that same dedication to her co-workers.


A descendent of West Indian royalty, Jamie is a natural foodie. He's never met a spice he doesn't like! He lives with a sense of joy and shares it with those around him.

Favorite Sandwich: Pastrami turkey and cheddar on pumpernickel with pickles, banana peppers, arugula and House


Kendell is a devoted father and friend to all. A kind and gentle soul, he is a behind-the-scenes force at Take It Away and a true connosoir of good food.

Favorite Sandwich: Chicken salad and Havarti on pumpernickel with sprouts.


It's John's friendly face that often is the first to greet guests at Take It Away. A devoted and dedicated brother and co-worker, he is the ultimate steward and quietly does unwanted tasks without seeking credit.

Favorite Sandwich: Roast beef and provolone on French with sprouts and House.


Phuong recently became and American citizen and is a huge asset to our country, and our Take It Away team. Bursting with talents, she is the visual (and culinary!) artist who draws our chalkboard art. 

Favorite Sandwich: Chicken salad on wheat with bacon, sprouts, tomatoes and cucumber.


Angel is deeply compassionate and a badass, all at once! She's a friend to everyone and an asset in our kitchen. 

Favorite Sandwich: Tuna and cheddar with tomatoes on sour dough.


Heather works hard to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes! A friend to all, she has a big smile that shows her kindness.

Favorite Sandwich: Turkey and Havarti on French with House.


Tom opened Take It Away in 1992 and loves serving the people of UVA and Charlottesville, not only with food, but as a volunteer board member of the YMCA and president of the Kellytown Neighborhood Group. Often seen driving deliveries in the S&WCH4U van, he embodies our motto, Food Equals Care.

Favorite Sandwich: Virginia ham and turkey combo and Havarti on pumpernickel with pickles and House.

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