Catering Menu

Catering prices include utensils, trays and napkins.

  Sandwich Platters

Sandwiches(See our regular menus for meats and specialties): $6.88

Cheese: $0.80 per sandwich

On The Side: Sprouts, Cucumbers, Roasted Tomatoes,Arugula: $3.32 per side per tray

Bread Ends & House

Bread Ends: $0.85/ bag (About 1 lb. worth)

Additional House Dressing: $1.25 (4 oz); $2.59 (1/2 pint); $3.98 (pint)

Jar of House Dressing: $15.99

Salads, Sides & Desserts

Michigan Salad: $6.38/$12.89/lb.

Garden Salad: $4.26/$10.76/lb.

Chef Salad: $5.86 

Pasta Salad: $6.50/lb.

Fruit Salad: $7.04/lb.

Curried Chicken Salad: $9.69/lb

Pesto Tortellini: $7.56/lb

Technicolor Tuna Salad: $8.59/lb

Chicken Salad: $8.59/lb

Chili/Stew (seasonal): $3.78

Soup du Jour: $3.49

House made Gazpacho (seasonal): $3.49

Chips: $1.27

Cookies: $1.50

Brownies: $1.86

Lemon Bars: $2.66

Can soda or Bottled Water: $1.10

Bag Lunches & Trays

Build Your Own Bag Lunch: Cost varies, inquire for pricing

Bread tray with House Dressing: $19.05

Large Cheese Tray: Market Price

Small Veggie Tray: $32.40

Large Veggie Tray: $48.98

We will be closing Monday 3/16/2020 @ 2 o'clock. 

We do not have an expected date to reopen. We are going to miss you all be safe! We will be in touch online!

(434) 295-1899

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